About Us

You have found the blog of the Champ Bros (Beaner and Kenny) and friends, where we will be discussing all things sports bet related, from our sports betting theories, the systems and strategies we have tried previously and are trialling now, some math and probability and statistics, and the tales of success and failure that are par for the course in the world of the sports bet curse; the enigmatic multi-bet.  All the info we provide is true and accurate to the best of our knowledge and ability.  We are not promising miracles and barely break even ourselves most years, but are constantly looking for an edge and a way to consistently make a profit from sportsbetting.  We decided to make this a public dialogue so we, the punters, could all be in the battle together.  There will also be some attention given to problem gambling and gambling addiction, as it is becoming more prominant in Victoria and Australia with the rise of the sports bet agencies and their increased exposure through sport sponsorship, the media and advertising.

We also have an interest in horse racing systems and have some mates who are good on the punt, so will be sharing our tips for the upcoming Spring Carnival and the Melbourne Cup too.


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